Simple, Smile!

img_0287They say life is complex, life is hard, life is strange. But as I think, life is all about the happiness, it’s about making your soul breathe in the world adulterated by the sins and negativity. They say laughter is the best medicine, but healing doesn’t come when we laugh, it comes when we smile. We laugh when we find something funny, but we smile when we are happy. Life doesn’t shine up by finding and solving it’s complexities, it comes by nurturing those small and simple things. We see someone falling awkwardly and we laugh just because it was funny, but when the rain drops fall from heaven and the rainbow appears out of the clouds, or when a new born baby holds your finger in his small hands, or when you wipe of someone’s tears and you bring them out of their gloominess there is a different kind of happiness. It comes as a faint smile on your face. That’s when you are truly happy. That’s when you actually feel a wind as soothing breeze, that’s when you see life around you more colourful, that’s when you surmise the sun shine falling on your face as enchanting. That’s the point when you are happy.

Painting a picture all black, white and grey is easy than turning it into a colourful masterpiece. That’s how life is. You can go the easy way and paint it all grey, hiding yourself in the negativity and slowly you start loving them, after all we even love the grey clouds that cover up the beautiful sky. But going the hard way makes you find the scene of eternal sunshine where the sun shines on the rain drops, reflecting it’s light, illuminating all the corners of nature, and suddenly making the scene more clear than ever. That’s what happens when the sun shines after the rain, the trees around look more vivid than ever, the scene just gets sharper, brighter and beautiful than it was ever before. And that’s what happens when you find a reason to smile than to laugh. You make your life beautiful. You then posses an aura that wipes of the darkest of memories.

So let’s find the reasons to smile, a reason to really be happy, a reason to enjoy the gift given by God. As for once let’s swim in the deepest waters of beatitude, let’s twirl in the winds of content, let’s fly in the sky of delectation, let’s relax and gaze at the beautiful gift of exuberance given to us, let’s smile and spread it all around us. So that for once we are so high on life that we enjoy every single happy memory to its fullest. Just for once we get drunk in the wave of gaiety of life after all life is a festival that showers it’s blessings occasionally. And just for once we keep the complexities at bay and come out on the road of happiness and stand there looking at the sky and smile like there is no gift better than what we have and just smile, smile and smile.


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