Educated by mistake!


                                                        “Opposite poles look alike

A quote I have been hearing from a long time, but never really listened it. A man’s life surrounds around words. Words mostly don’t come out right, but there are a few instances when words are so perfect that they stay there for generations. So perfect that they somehow define moments that mesmerise the soul and take it on a journey at a whole new level. Said words have layers of depth. The more you think the deeper meanings you find.

Here I was sitting under the dark sky, staring at the horizon, waiting for an inspiration to hit me. It was a cold evening, not cold as it would be in winters, but cold enough to make me sneeze at least. Sitting on the chilly stairs I was looking around thinking about random things. I was looking at the starless sky, looking at the pearl white flood lights in the football field shining bright like diamonds. This quote popped up in my mind out of nowhere. Somehow we humans have a tendency to prove other person’s work wrong. So trying that,  I thought of proving this quote wrong and I started thinking about how this bright white light has things common to pitch darkness, its opposite. And I wondered “No that’s not possible, never in a million years, one shows us the path other hides it completely, so it is not possible that they are alike in some way”. A wicked giggle is what I had, thinking wow I proved this quote wrong. That felt like an achievement. All I now wanted to do was to throw my hands up in the air and shout out “yeah!! I did something awesome”, but that would have been insane. So I tried staying as calm as I could. But that giggle was never-ending.

And then was the moment that blew my mind. My face suddenly lost all the colours. Giggle gone. Shocked is how I would define my exact feelings of that moment. Just one moment that changed everything was, me suddenly looking away from the bright lights. I couldn’t see anything. That’s when it struck me. Staring at bright lights make you go blind. You can’t see in the dark and you can’t see when you look away after staring directly into bright lights. I can say I felt amazed, sad and somewhat defeated, all at the same time. The next moment I had a smile on my face. That’s when my respect for the quote and for the thought skyrocketed. That’s when I realised the layers of wisdom hidden in this line of mere four words and that there is loads more to the world than what meets the eye. I can proudly say that it was kiddish of me to try to prove this quote wrong because this thinking of mine only brought me to the realisation of the depth of intelligence in the words of people. I was educated by life once again. I stood up, smiled again looking at the lights and walked back to where I was supposed to be, carrying a new learning in my mind.


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