Crack in the glass!

libraryIt was a beautiful day. The sun was peeping through the clouds. The sky was filled with the shade of blue which looked like water shouting for its swimmers with clouds as the waves waiting for the surfers. The day was………………Nah! today I am not going to set the scene, not going to take you on a journey of nature just nothing. I won’t take you to an imaginary perfect scene where everything is as beautiful as it can be. Rather today I am gonna be very abrupt. Some things are better said as plainly as one can.

I want you all to introspect and then count the number of things that you want to change in yourself. So how many imperfections did you find in yourself? 5 or 10 or more? “Imperfections”, sounds bad, right? The word sounds like something that is as bad as hell. Like the worst thing ever. How we all wish that everything should have been perfect. A perfect mind, a perfect soul, a perfect body isn’t that what we all thrive for?
Now let’s imagine a world with all of us being perfect. Here we are in a world, where everyone is the wisest, everyone is the most beautiful, everyone is the most kind hearted. How will I define you in that world? Someone who is the most beautiful inside out? But isn’t everyone the most beautiful, after all, everyone is perfect. Ok, I will try a little harder. Someone who is flawless? But I just said that everyone is perfect. Weird isn’t it? That world would surely be hard to understand.

‘Uniqueness’, this word won’t even exist in a dictionary then. There would be no politicians, no sportsperson, no magician, no artist, nothing. Everyone would be self-sufficient in every aspect.


There won’t be any names, traits, talents just nothing. I would quote a wise man’s words here, the person said, “There is nothing inspiring in a man’s perfection.” Every time I think about this, I smile and ponder over those million thoughts that relate to these words. Even the diamond is valued by its cut and we, humans are valued by originality. So except for whining over what we wished we had, why not cherish all those small things that make us different, keeping the judgment whether they are good or bad at bay. We think scars are the imperfections that make us not suitable for this world. Well think about this, the saddest of souls have imprinted the brightest of impressions on this world, whether it be singers, artists or writers, there had always been a sad story behind every master creator. Imperfections make ‘US’. Imperfection itself says “I m perfection.”
I won’t make this article a teaching, we all are already being educated by life, we don’t need more teachings, but I will surely say this, present your imperfections with poise and embrace them, nothing but imperfections make you someone who is out of the mainstream. Enjoy them, Praise them and present them with beauty! 🙂


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