The state of static

Hey! How are you doing today? I hope you gave an affirmative answer to that. Me? I am doing fine, thanks for asking. I’m just enjoying the entropy of cerebration. Sitting here I am just wondering, how I write my posts about ‘random’ thoughts but never wrote anything about ‘random thoughts’.

The moment when you are sitting somewhere all by yourself and are staring at something or someone. You are there but you just are not there. You are somehow just stuck in a limbo half hypnotised. Filled with uncertainty and blur. Isn’t the uncertainty clearly visible from my last three sentences where I used somewhere, something, someone and somehow all together. And this entropy is so random that it makes you ponder upon anything in or outside this universe.

Then there you are sitting in the front seat of the emotional rollercoaster. The journey is like a sine wave with ups and downs but what matters is how it ends, on which level. The end(where we land) defines the imprint you are left with, which in turns decides the direction of your decisions. I remember reaching the trough while I was wondering about my writings, my time management and life. “Stop it, these writings of yours.” said a voice inside my head in animosity. I was stuck in between should I or shouldn’t I. I was juggling my finger between the stop and play button. “Pause it” said the voice of my wisdom. That way I will still be standing at the horizon thinking whether to fly up to the sky or come down on the ground.


Pause it is then. This blog, it’s gonna be halcyon till it’s scribbler clears the fog out and clears the vision. The only question is will it be at tranquility for eternity or will it be resurrected and be brought to life again. And this question can be answered only by time itself. Give time to situations and answer will come to you, i just hope it comes quick. 🙂



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