Let’s all look up!

Today I want you to sit still, just keep all those random thoughts at bay and close your eyes and think about the moment when you saw someone, a person in the corner of a room, hiding away from the eyes of everyone, trying to be alone. Their eyes like that of a Gazel filled with a fear that cannot be explained in words. Their expressions screaming for a friendly face. There will always be that bud waiting to blossom, even though all the other ones are bright yellow flowers. The one shaking their leg in stress, or maybe clicking the pen for no reason.

Dear teachers, don’t tell students to make their own groups, they are always left out. Don’t make being alone, their way of living. Don’t point them out to answer even after they didn’t raise their hand. If they don’t answer then don’t scold them. They will stutter out of nervousness but it was never their choice to answer. Those words won’t mean anything to you, but they will stick with them for long. Encourage them. You would never know what masterpieces they are creating in their minds, sitting in your mathematics class, maybe thinking about how that shade of red would be perfect for the painting they have been making for a month or maybe about something very pointless as how nothing is ever empty. Believe me, a light will never enlighten a room if it is locked in a box.

To the peeps around I would say don’t knock the ones off their small happiness, even though it maybe something small, but it means a lot to them. They will roll down the hill very easily. Just don’t tell them they lost. They may be silent, don’t stare them down. That look will be printed in their mind forever. Every time someone will look at them randomly, their head will drop down on its own, they will feel no one likes them.

The “anxious” kid, that’s the one. There would be one always and always. They would be like the white clouds in the blue sky, nothing out of the blue. They will not pop out. It will be very ordinary. But the moment you look up and have the vision to see what form they have, you will be enchanted. It’s just a life, don’t make it a war. Let them answer in silence, wait for the rain. Because believe me, when the drops of their aura will fall upon your cheeks, you will enjoy it, with a beautiful smile.


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