The “One”

Where are you? As far as I see, I can’t see you. I try looking for you among the faces in a crowd. I peek among all of them, thinking somewhere you will be searching for me as well. Somewhere, spinning slowly in a circle looking for my familiar face. Then come to me and say “So, how was the day?”.

With whom I would sit and share my woes knowing you would ignite me back up no matter how fierce a storm I have faced. To whom I would tell that today I awkwardly jumped on those yellow fallen leaves just to hear that cracking voice and would get a smile back.


With whom I would sit and swirl my body around on the song we heard and hated and then would give each other a look for the song and would laugh hilariously.
Someone who would figure out my words from my silence and would not be bored to sit next to me in quiet or maybe listen to all my pointless logics and still not judge me.

With whom I would stroll in a corridor, skipping the black tiles and hopping on the white ones. Who would slap me everytime I try wearing a mask on my face. With whom even if I drop a tear, I would be sure that I am not considered as someone who is weak. With whom I would walk side by side, and would push you away and pull you near without being called crazy or maybe if you would, I won’t mind. Who would listen to me singing even though I have sung all of those songs before as well and you would jump in the middle of it with your creaky voice.

Who would be the sun, lighting my life, yellow in the day and white in my nights. The one who would tell me that yes I am worth it every time I am in doubt. When I am lost, you’re worth it. When I fail, you’re worth it. When I am in doubt, yes my friend, you’re worth it.



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