Round & round

Why is the world so cruel at times?

Why do we expect from others?

And are then disappointed and then we repeat this and slowly get drowned in sorrow seeing no response from anyone. Feeling all alone fighting for the place on the podium in the debate of life and then when we are up there;

It’s like you are saying your thoughts out, standing there on the podium waiting for the room to be filled with people. In the start, some people come and sit and you are all joyous to see that you are exciting for them; you get happy and then suddenly you see them leave and that happiness is very short lived. The people, they leave slowly giving you slow yet deep wounds.

You slowly drown in the swamp of sadness, step by step as they leave and then you have no one who is listening to you. The words from your mouth slow down. You stand there, staring at nothing, waiting for someone to come and give you their attention, even a single being is enough but they don’t come.

And then comes the first drop of tear from your eye.

You are neck down in despair waiting for someone to rescue you, but no one arrives and when you are on your knees, someone enters and you have that hope again that people will come.

But the vicious cycle repeats itself, nothing changes, people come, you become happy, they leave, you become sad, and the circle continues, the only thing that changes every time is you lose a part of you when you sink in sorrow and slowly the beautiful parts of you are torn. Your entropy increases gradually and reaches the epitome.

You are scattered and the pieces are long gone, they can’t be collected back. They are taken away by the east wind. And what’s left is the scarred, dismantled pieces of you waiting for another imperfect heart to combine with yours and complete itself or maybe just looking to find the beauty in “imperfect” itself. Just lamenting that how people would have arrived and it would have all been better with the whole of the soul as one, living life in joy, not caring about the pain. So that it wouldn’t have had the need to wipe those drops off if there were none.


2 thoughts on “Round & round

  1. But there should always be a hope, an optimistic attitude towards whatevere happens. You should live your life for yourself not for other.As long as you are happy doing thtat thing then you shouldn’t give a damn about what others say.

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