Come on out,
we will sit together;
Under the sky,
we will talk for better.

You and me,
we will sip on the moonlight,
And as we lose fright,
our souls will shine bright.

We will untangle our thoughts,
just like earphones,
Maybe only to the time,
we put them back to rest.

The night is cold,
but our joy is warm;
The whispers of your words,
it’s like a soothing balm.

Around everyone, I shiver,
but your presence’s a bliss,
It doesn’t make me quiver;
your touch is like a kiss.

You are my white dove,
my shining fairytale love,
And from the alcove,
we will stare at the stars above.

But you are just an abstraction,
home to my benediction,
I will wait for you with everything at stake,
and will fight the world even if I shake.


2 thoughts on “You!

  1. Nice attempt, Nitin! But should mention this that some words seem out of context, like “fright”. I understand that you might have used them for the rhyme but yet they do not deliver a clear message. Please take it as positive criticism and try to improve. Yeah but overall, you have nice emotions throughout.


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