WAR – State of mind

War: A state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country. This is how a dictionary defines this three letter word. But meanings of words are never that simple, are they? One just wishes that life would have been that easy, because believe it or not, it is the most complex when things are looking the simplest. And when it is not, we tend to make it complex all by ourselves. Differences tend to make things difficult for us. Dissimilarities in thoughts, ideas, and ideals tend to create conflicts between people. And then jumps in the most disastrous thing, ‘ego’. With the inability to accept someone else’s decision we tend to let breeze turn into a storm. But that also doesn’t define war, does it? It may define the wars between different countries or maybe in between different groups of people. But a toddler who is crawling all the way down to a room looking for a toy is in a war of its own, or maybe a girl recovering from a heartbreak is in a war of her own.

This raises a very intriguing and thought-provoking question in my mind, how many forms does a war has? Taking a philosophical turn to answer this question I can say there are cosmic forms of a war. Looking at the colossal, we are already in a state of war with mother nature. Each day we make our environment bleed. Hundreds of trees are killed every day, acres of land is destroyed, the habitat is degrading and it’s all because of us. As we slowly peep into our chaotic world, we are in a combat with our fellow humans. Fighting each other just because we have different opinions about different things. We have different ideologies. We have different emotions, feelings and personalities. Stepping down one level and reaching the level of a single being, we have a world as vast as the universe just inside one’s head and soul. And sadly, we are in a tussle there as well.

We are in a contest between our thoughts, between our dreams and the reality, between logic and emotion, between our self and facades, basically between our heart and our brain. We all have had that fight between the yin and the yang. At some point of life, we have always found ourselves with a question of ‘Whether to hold on or to let it go’. And to my knowledge, this has been by far one of the most difficult question to answer ever. It is disconsolate to say that deep down we all are wounded soldiers. The daggers of betrayal, the bullets of harsh words, the arrows of emptiness have left us bruised on the inside. We all have open wounds waiting to be healed and are bleeding heavily on the inside. We all have hideous scars waiting to fade away. All of us have been in a war at different levels.

But whatever level it may be, War is always destructive. Whether it be mentally or physically, but tussles always get the good of us and all that is left at the end is a man suffering in anguish. And yet we are not ready to reach a state of calm. We all are somehow trying to move an immovable object with an unstoppable force. We believe that war is the only way to tranquillity when the only way out is acceptance, settlement and landing on a common as well as a wise conclusion. Inner peace is what is required to win all the wars, not the brute force. We all must thrive to find equanimity and let the battle on the inside or on the outside that is in the real world rest. But this too raises a question in my mind. What is “reality”? What is a war in real? Maybe we are in a war with life, fighting this so called reality. But maybe this “reality” is the real fiction and we are fighting, waiting to die, maybe to wake up in the “real” world. Do what we see is what “real” is? But whatever it is, at this moment this is where we all are. So why not let’s traverse for finding the inner peace with all our strength, courage and confidence so that when we are executed by the so called all mighty, we die in pride knowing that we explored and fought with all the known strength and are dying a great soldier’s death. And that when we die, we are at the eternal peace with ourselves.


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