You try touching me with your words,


Open wounds pain;

I would scream,

But I’m choked.

Your yesterday’s sarcasm is choking my vocal chords,

And the ability of night to make thoughts turn into demons,

It’s daunting.

I’m starting to love deep sleep,

But I’m an insomniac.

It’s like loving hate,

Like I am falling in my dreams in a dark hole,

How much I try I can’t open my eyes.

I am trying to run,

But my feet are frozen,

Or maybe,

Hope has chained them.

It’s like I am not free;

You told me, turn the spark into a blaze,

Ashes are what I am now,

Black and amorphous.

Maybe I am free,

Waiting to fly away into the unknown.

But it’s not how I wish to be.

If I had to be amorphous,

I would be clouds,

So, my tears would fade the gloom away.

But still then,

I won’t be sure if I am white

Or grey!

And even then,

I would go and fade into nothingness.


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