Un-say the wrong!

Oh! he was a great person,
They all say when it’s too late,
When it matters,
I wonder where those blunt ones go;
The ones who love to “say it on face“,
Your confidence, your courage,
It runs down the drain.
Just a “That was good”,
Makes you weak in your bones?
For once,
Not cracking a joke,
And a warm word of appraisal,
A smile, pat on shoulder;
Is that tougher,
Shattering someone with your swears.
Your “laughable” jokes,
They are no more funny.
For you,
Emotions are for gays,
Appearances, the judgement criteria,
and abuses, the new strut.
For I must say,
You are the equally probable of the inevitable,
As I am.
You are skin and bones,
And sadly,
So is that skinny boy,
Whom you mocked in front of eternity,
Eternity is what it feels,
Standing in the middle.
Just trying to shoot up you swagger,
You drilled past the glass of his soul,
Making it shatter,
Just adding to his inside’s noise.
And for his silence,
He is stuck in his own labyrinth,
Trying not to incriminate more constraints,
For he knows that silence weighs more.
But to you,
No mortal can lecture,
And no God can preach,
It’s just like stretching your hand up
Looking at the sky to reach.


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